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A universal mudguard which fits any bike, ranging from 26” to 29ers. Velcro straps for quick fitting/detachment and flexible materials make it very convenient to use.

With the weight of only 25 g, Mad Bacon will suit not only casual racing enthusiasts, but even the true fanatics.

It has been tested outdoor in both summer and winter weather, where stones, dirt and mud have proven its usefulness.

We know that colours are really important to you, so we made sure that the colour range of our products is wide enough to find mudguards perfectly matching the character of your bike.

We love riding at night, and our experience shows that its better to be visible after dark. For such conditions, we offer you our FLUO model, covered with a layer of magic dust, which will shine in the dark and make you visible even without any other light source.

Buy two Mad Pig products to get a wet 50 X 70 cm Mad Girl poster and two Mad Pig stickers for your bike!